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At Noesis, our pass rates consistently beat the average Malaysian pass rates across every programme we offer. They also compare favourably with or surpass global pass rates in virtually all areas.

How do we achieve this? Noesis lecturers are highly qualified, with many years of industry experience. Add to that their exam-focused lecturing approach and our small class sizes, and you have a formula that ensures that our students get the most effective learning environment to pass professional exams.

Below are some key available features of pass rates for our programmes.

CFA Pass Rates

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to make public the Noesis candidate pass rate analysis report produced by the CFA Institute.

CPA AUST Pass RatesNoesis CPA Aust pass rates surpass the average Malaysian average pass rate of 68% overall. In overall, the exam performance of Noesis students surpasses the global pass rate.

CPA 2017 sem 1 pass rate

CPA Pass Rate Feb 18 2017

CIMA Pass Rates

Malaysian candidates performed consistently poor, with a pass rate of below 20 percent. Below are Noesis students’ pass rates for CIMA at the last two exam sittings. We pride ourselves to benchmark against international instead of Malaysia’s pass rate.

CIMA Pass Rate 2016

CIM Pass Rates

As we are the only active CIM centre in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, we have compared our pass rates with CIM UK. As the chart below shows, these compare favourably over all levels and most elements.

CIM 2017 pass rate

CIM Pass Rate 2016

CIPD Pass Rates

Noesis is the first non-UK centre for CIPD.

CIPD Pass Rate 2016