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Info for Webinar

1. Policies

1.1 Technical Requirement

  • Hardware
    • Microphone
    • Web camera (web cam)
    • Earphones
  • Internet Connection
    • Minimum Recommended Internet speed of 1 Mbps for smooth and stable connection during classes.
    • Any personal information provided is used for the purpose of providing access to online services and monitoring such access and will not be disclosed.

1.2 Personal Requirement

  • Dress Code
    • Students are expected to wear appropriate attire at all times during the Webinar session e.g. Smart Casual.

1.3 Class-In Session (Streaming Server)

  • Recording
    • NOESIS prohibits registered Webinar students from recording the class-in session. Recording is considered a violation of the policy.
  • Group viewing
    • Group viewing is strictly prohibited. Webinar sign up is for single user only.
  • Remote access
    • Students must allow access for NOESIS administrator to monitor their PC as and when required and requested by NOESIS.
    • In the event NOESIS has reasonable suspicion that a User has violated any Webinar policy, procedure, or regulation, the center reserves the right to access, inspect, monitor, or otherwise prevent inappropriate use of the Webinar services to ensure that they are secure and being used in conformity with this Policy.
  • Behavior
    • As students of NOESIS, Users are expected to uphold the standards and principles of the centre while using Webinar services.
    • Background noise must be at minimal during Webinar sessions.  It is recommended that students mute their mic and camera when not in use.
    • Users are obligated to respect the rights of others at all times.
    • Users are prohibited from using improper words that is vulgar, intimidate, insult, embarrass, or harass others; or to create a hostile or offensive learning environment.
    • If violations are found, NOESIS may initiate charges and impose appropriate sanctions.
    • Under no circumstance shall the NOESIS be liable to any User or third party for any violation including, but not limited to, illegal or improper acts, that any User commits through use of the Webinar services.

1.4 Registrations and Payment

  • Registrations along with payment for Webinar sessions must be made at least 2 days prior to the scheduled class.
  • Payments can be made through the following options:
    • Bank transfer to NOESIS UOB account: 151 304 2138
    • Cash
    • Credit Card
    • Cheque

2. Procedures

  • Registration
    • Students will need to inform the webinar team or  Programme Director at least 2 days prior to the class if webinar service is required.
    • Students will be sent an email invitation for each webinar session.
  • Webcam
    • Students are advised to turn off their Web cam during the class session to ensure consistent audio quality.
    • Students can turn on their Web cam when they would like post a question to the lecturer or class.

2.2 Class session

  • Scheduled classes
    • Webinar will be offered according to the duration of actual class for each respective programme and therefore sharing the same schedule as the actual class
    • Students should be present at the webinar session 15 minutes prior to scheduled time. This is to minimize disruption of class.
    • There will be no replacement classes for students who missed the webinar sessions
    • Attendance are expected compulsory unless students inform otherwise
    • Students are required to actively participate in the course discussions throughout the entire course.


2.3 Study materials (Students’ Support &Services)

  • Reference Books
    • It is an option for the users to purchase additional reference materials. Ordered books are sent via courier to students. Courier charges are included in the tuition fee.
  • Lecture notes
    • Students undertaking Webinar are given access to the lecture notes. Lecture notes are available for download from ‘My NOESIS’.