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Noesis is not just about study. It is also about helping our students to get the career jobs they are looking for. And we have a strong track record in this regard. Helped by our Career Service Office and Dream Career Workshop (DCW), many Noesis students succeed in entering the profession related to their field of study with us.

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In today’s competitive career market, technical skills alone are not enough to get you into your dream career. You need to stand out from the crowd.

Noesis’s career catalyst programme, the Dream Career Workshop (DCW), aims to equip career seekers from all backgrounds with the necessary skills and know-how to chart the course of their own dream careers.

The Noesis student body is made up of 95 % working professional graduates. Networking among these professionals in our classrooms, workshops, and clubs will enhance your learning experience. Noesis’s learning experience is also enhanced by our Webinar system and e-Learning portal (My Noesis), and excellent modern classroom facilities.Shayne Foo
DCW Graduate & Maxis Communication Berhad

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Our Career Fellows

Aside from our faculty, Noesis has hand picked a select group of professionals, lecturers and charter holders who are not only experts in their field technically, but have also gone through changes in their own careers.

These mentors guide candidates not just throughout the course of the Dream Career Workshop, but also provide follow-up support to help their mentees establish themselves in their first jobs.

Career and Industry Overviews

These forum-based sessions are conducted by guest speakers, providing a platform for candidates to gain an overview of their field of interest from market experts and individuals working in the industry. In addition to an overall understanding the industry, speakers identify the benefits and challenges faced by professionals in the industry.

Fields of Interest
• Marketing
• Finance / Investment
• Accounting
• Human Resources

Interview Preparation and Understanding The Recruitment Process

Whether you are a new graduate or an established professional, you need to prepare for job interviews. This module provides candidates with the mindset and tools to do so. Through practical information, candidates explore popular questions and how to answer them, interview preparation techniques, and more.

HR professionals from relevant industries and enterprises are also brought in to share insights about their organizations’ recruitment processes including case studies, job requirements, and the main dos and don’ts of the entire process.

Resume Enhancement and Mentor Feedback

Don’t know how to respond to a recruiter’s question?
Our mock interviews put the accumulated knowledge acquired by candidates from previous modules into practice, allowing candidates the opportunity to practise responds to various real-life situations during an interview.

Candidates then review their performance (on paper and practice) with their mentor and discuss their career development plan (CDP).

Special Interest Presentation (SIP)

The workshop culminates with presentations from prospective employers from various top organizations, which provide candidates a hands-on opportunity to network with and get a better understanding of their prospective employers.

The Dream Career Workshop is available to everyone taking our professional programmes. Ask your respective programme director about it today!